Singapore is an awesome place to learn something new or pursue something you started a while back. If you’ve always wished to pick up a guitar to start guitar lessons in Singapore but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll give you some cool tips from the experts!

4 Tips on Buying a Beginner Guitar in Singapore







  1. Seek Help


Buying something you know nothing about can be confusing. It’s always best to bring someone who has played for years like your tutor.

If you’re flying solo, no worries. Good stores have passionate and dedicated staff who take pride in their years of experience and are eager to help you start your musical journey on the right note. They’ll be happy to assist you.








  1. Don’t Fall for Looks


There are some really cool-looking guitars out there. But as a beginner, you’re better off buying a standard guitar.

Picking a guitar that suits your skill level will help you get the best return on investment. If you plan on keeping it for years even after you’ve advanced, get a high-quality guitar from reputable brands.








  1. Acoustic or Electric?


It depends on the lessons you’re interested in taking. The majority of students prefer starting acoustic guitar lessons to gain some basic skills beforehand. But of course, you can start a beginner electric guitar class right away.

You can find any of these lessons easily in Singapore. So assess what will work best for you depending on your wishes and budget.









  1. Research and Try


Just like going shopping for gadgets, buying your first guitar needs research. You can start digging on the internet to see the price ranges and types of guitars. But we highly recommend you going to as many stores as possible and getting tips and suggestions from pros. We suggest you take your time before deciding on one. If this still seems confusing, you can rent one from many music schools in Singapore. For example, if you want a Taylor guitar but are not sure if the price is worth it, rent one to try it out! You can find a Taylor guitar in Singapore easily, for rent or buy.

Are you ready to rock your beginner guitar lessons? Start your guitar journey by checking out our recommendations, tips, and guide. Once you find that perfect beginner guitar, strum away and reap the benefits of learning a musical instrument.