Punggol is a suburb in the northeastern tip of Singapore. It faces the state of Johor in the north, and is separated from it by the Johor Straits. The majority of Punggol is covered in residential condominiums and flats, with a very clean and orderly layout. Many of those living in Punggol are young working adults and young families.

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Punggol has many condominiums for sale, and here’s why you should consider investing in one:

It’s A Quiet Neighbourhood

Punggol is the perfect place for those who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The pace of life in Punggol is much slower, and there are no crowds on the streets or in the trains. Traffic jams are non-existent and you can really relax, especially on the weekends.Somehow, Punggol is a place that’s great for families, especially those with school-going children. The peaceful atmosphere will create safe spaces for them to focus on their studies, as there are very few distractions around.

There’s a Great Public Transport System

Every apartment and condo in Punggol is within walking or cycling distance to an LRT station. The main interchange station is NE17 Punggol, and within Punggol itself there’s the Punggol LRT line with 11 stations. You don’t have to worry about getting a car, and can save on petrol or taxi fares. Walking to your nearest station is a breeze with clean and accessible walkways, and the availability of bike-sharing systems around Punggol make it even easier for you to pick one up and use to travel from your home to the station and vice versa.

Plenty of Green Spaces

In Punggol, you’ll be able to take your evening walks or your morning jogs very easily as the walkways around the residences are well maintaned and safe. Additionally, if you’re looking for more recreational space, just go up to Punggol Point Park for some family fun time. There’s also Coney Island nearby, where you can take nature walks and enjoy the serene greenery.

Just being near the coast of Singapore is bound to calm your nerves, and provide you an avenue to unwind from your hectic routine.

Great Food Options

Some of the best restaurant and cafes in Punggol can be found at Waterway Point and Punggol Point. At Punggol Point, you can even dine with a diect view of the sea coast. From modern cafes to Zi Char places, Punggol has it all. For a different dining experience, head over to Punggol East where there is a container park restaurant featuring seven eateries, all of which operate from used shipping containers.

Shopping Galore

Gone are the days when Punggol didn’t have a single mall. Now there are two in the area, namely Waterway Point and Punggol SAFRA. Both these malls offer the best brands and provide a convenient place to shop, without having to travel out of Punggol. SAFRA Punggol even features a water park that’s great for families with young children.

Plenty of Pre-schools

As many as 25% of Punggol’s residents are below the age of four. This means that early childhood education centres are abundant, with more opening as the community develops. These pre-schools and nurseries are located within the viscinity of apartments and condos, so that you don’t have to travel far to pick and send your children, if you have any young ones.

Convenience Nearby

24-hour convenience stores can easiy be found in Punggol, and is certain instances, they can be found within the condominium itself. These 24-hour shops are life-savers, as it means not having to take the LRT out to do your daily grocery shopping.

Punggol is a great place to live and is very family friendly. It’s also a good option for those who want a quiet place that’s near to nature and away from the noise of downtown Singapore.