One of the best string instruments ever made is the guitar. Almost everyone desires to play the guitar if given a chance. The famous guitarists you know did not become musical legends overnight. Some were born with innate finger plucking talent, but most of them learned to play the instrument and took long hours of practice before finding their niche in the music industry.


Singaporeans are music lovers too, and the influence of music in the younger generation is strong. If you have the knack for the ‘axe,’ you can take up formal guitar lessons in Singapore. Once you learn to strum, you will discover that playing the guitar is so much fun. It’s a very versatile musical instrument that you can play nearly all types of music, from the classical, country and to the more heavy rock stuff.

The Benefits of Guitar Playing

Guitar playing is more than just a hobby once you’ve learned it. There are remarkable benefits that you can reap.








  • Stress Reliever

When you’re a bit sad or stressed out from work or studies, pick up the ‘axe’ and strum away the blues. You’ll be surprised how soothing it can be. Some even say that playing rock music can overcome stress.







  • Sharpens Your Skills

Playing guitar or any string instrument promotes motor coordination and finger dexterity. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. You won’t forget the skill once you’ve learned it. But to be excellent at it, constant practice is necessary, or you’ll get rusty.







  • Cool Recreational Activity

After completing your guitar lessons, commit to practicing playing the guitar until it turns into a recreational activity. With constant practice, you’ll become a good guitar player. You’ll discover too how cool it is to play in front of your friends and be admired for your strumming skills.



Guitar lessons in Singapore are available for the newbies, intermediate and advanced levels. Even if you have zero backgrounds on playing the guitar, the experienced instructors will teach you the rudiments of playing the instrument. You can enroll in guitar classes for personalized or one-on-one training. If you can gather a friend or two, you can learn together in a group instructional session. Remember, do not splash on the best guitar yet unless you have the talent to prove it.